Ira Watkins, Artist. Photo by Rua Al-Abweh.

“I think anything is possible [in Civic Center] if you conceive it. But you have to have the energy to go and talk to different people. This person might say ‘No.’ Damn them! You trying to do something? Go to another person. If your idea is worthwhile, then I think they will listen to you. Now how you go about all this – you got to organize.”

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Joseph R. Jacobs, San Francisco Resident. Photo by Rua Al-Abweh.

“I lived in Mission Bay during 1976 and it was all deserted buildings and empty lots. Now it’s one of the top places. Incidentally I live in Mission Bay now and I have a one bedroom apartment that is for seniors and it is subsidized. When I first moved in it, was a brand new building, I paid $228 a month, now I pay $205 a month. It was like winning the lotto!”

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