“It hasn’t happened in the past two or three years, but there was a large number of marches to free Palestine and I attended them. They went from down Market Street through here and over to the park in front of City Hall. The merchants couldn’t stand their guts because they didn’t spend any money. When it comes to the gay pride parade, they loved it because they spend money like you would never believe! The peace marchers, if they went to buy anything, it was a bottle of water.”

“I lived in Mission Bay during 1976 and it was all deserted buildings and empty lots. Now it’s one of the top places. Incidentally I live in Mission Bay now and I have a one bedroom apartment that is for seniors and it is subsidized. When I first moved in, it was a brand new building, I paid $228 a month, now I pay $205 a month. It was like winning the lotto!”

“I’m helping a person that has AIDS. Not only do I go to his place six days a week and give him a hand, but I am able to, because of my low rent, I am able to contribute between three and four hundred dollars a month for his expenses. When I drop dead, I’m going to make sure that the government doesn’t have any money!”