“Well for me personally, the City is a very intense place, and so this helps somehow release a lot of tension. And then there’s days I come here and I just want to play for fun, and then some days I just come here just to release tension.”

“Right now, I’m displaced and I’m actually looking for housing and it should be coming shortly, God willing.”

“Now they have this, I think I’m coming here more frequently. I’m always ‘Come on, let’s go by the instrument! Come on, let’s go by the instrument!’”

“I think the public spaces play a role because when you have a lot of people who are homeless, they don’t have anywhere else to go, so they come to public places. And something like this is really nice but you already have people scratching on it. I just think that once they structure the shelter right you will see a big improvement.”

“One time there was some ladies, I just liked them. They were out here; we were jamming, we were in harmony. But these instruments, you can never be off cue. If somebody’s playing there, and I’m playing here, it’s still going to be harmony.

 They should call this place ‘Harmony’ because you’re never off cue. Everybody can play together.”

“Sound Commons” is a temporary installation intended to activate spaces by engaging the public. Sound Commons is a series of interactive sound and music-based installations, consisting of mammoth chimes, xylophones, echo tubes and wooden pendulums. This is the second LIZ designed and constructed by the Exploratorium’s Studio for Public Spaces. Click here for more info on Sound Commons.