“I used to be homeless for two years. I still feel like I’m homeless. I live at the Jefferson Hotel. I have no bathroom. I am diabetic, real sickly. I’ve got high blood pressure, sugar diabetes, arthritis in my knees. I’ve been on crack cocaine. And I’m not smoking crack out here and it’s likely because of this job and I like it. It’s keeping me strong. I get tired and I don’t want to do this when morning come, but I come anyways, because it’s like, Get up. Go get ‘em. Get your butt up, get out of your bed, go do something with yourself.’

 I’ve changed my mind, so I’m trying to change my life around.”

“I love this job. Sometimes I say ‘I’m going to quit, I don’t think I’m coming because I got to help out my daughter, help with her kid.’ But this is my life and I love this. That’s what keeps me going, it keeps me out of trouble, it keeps me off drugs. And it’s really a big help. And so I’m fighting! I’m like a tiger! Rawww! I’m like half man, half horse! Don’t play with me, this time I’m going to move on up like the Jeffersons!”