“When I retired from the trucking business, I moved here to San Francisco which is a very diverse city and very, very interesting. I had been around the world by the time I was ten years old because I come from a military family.”

“I was in the trucking business for fifty years, from coast to coast. I’m so accustomed to working, I have to do something. I’m retired. I just come out [to UN Plaza] and eat breakfast down here and I’ll come eat lunch and sit around and just enjoy the City.”

 People are people as far as I’m concerned…It really is about love more than hate. We have a short period of life in this life to live. So we need to make the best of it and help one another as people, as human beings.

“It’s enjoyable to look up through Civic Center and see the buildings they’ve built. You have your public library, you have your government center right there in front of us. It’s beautiful! If people would appreciate it for what it is. So many people are indisposed with their lack of being able to take care of themselves in the City because it’s so expensive.”

“I think it’s most important that the City does what it can to keep this area spruced up so families can enjoy it and people out of the City and out of country come in here and enjoy the beauty of the inner city.”