“I grew up here in San Francisco. I live in Oakland and my husband works here in City Hall…Normally on regular days we drop my husband off and then we go to school in Hunters Point. But then after school we come here until he gets off from work and we let the children play here.”

“I like to feed the homeless people here. For the most part they stay to themselves; they’re just trying to get a place to sit and a place to relax and take a breath. Because they live a very hectic, sad life, unfortunately. Some of them it’s on purpose; they like it. But some of them it’s circumstance. I just pray for them.”

“They used to have Cinco de Mayos here. They always have things for the people here. They did soccer games here, and put a big screen out. I love that about San Francisco. They’re very supportive of the people. There could be other stuff going on in the background, but the upfront in your face stuff, they’re really supportive of the people.”.”

“I’ve seen homelessness firsthand. I lived out on these streets when I was thirteen for a whole year. I ran away from home. I lived out here. And it’s rough.


But that was when I was thirteen. It’s a hundred times worse on these streets now. I mean I would walk down these streets like it was nothing when I was younger. If I’m not with my family, I don’t want to be out here at nighttime.”