“I’ve been doing this work with Lava Mae for a couple of months…it’s been really real. It’s been really raw.

 I’m born and raised here in San Francisco but I didn’t know that certain parts of San Francisco which are supposed to be the beautiful parts of the City had so much hidden hurt.”

“This particular organization is a nonprofit—we’re not through the City. There are so many City organizations that are just taking numbers…Stop taking numbers for intake for money. Let’s stop worrying about how much money we can get it if we can do this. Let’s actually use this money to help people and get it cleaned up, because there’s more people who want to help than people who don’t want to.”

“There are so many hidden spots of drug addiction and mental health issues or just things that are plaguing our city that’s making it not a fit place to have children in. Just living here and having my nine year old here, it’s unsafe and it’s unhealthy. It’s not like it used to be back in the early 90s when you allow the kids to kind of roam the neighborhood and feel safe.”

“I would love to get back to that place where kids can have a good time here. I had a great childhood here. I can’t say it was terrible. There were so many things for kids to do and young people to do here, but it’s not like that anymore.”