“Right now they have so many farmers’ markets. Before, this one and the Alemany [farmers’ market], they used to be the strongest; not anymore. Now every corner you go there’s a farmer’s market.”

“People have options; they don’t have to come here. They open the door and they find a farmers’ market. Sometimes the difference is when you go to the oldest one, you know the people, you know the background. The new one, you don’t know where they get it [the produce] from, where they keep it, what they do with it.”

“Families used to come, now you find those people with drugs. They used to come from San Jose and pick up a box and share with the neighbor. They used to [say], ‘Ok, I go to the market this week and I buy…what do we need? We need peach, we need nectarine. Ok, I’ll buy a box each. When I come home, we’ll share with this one, with that one,’ and the whole box it was shared. Not anymore…not anymore.”