“In a simple sentence, I don’t like San Francisco. I was disappointed. Very disappointed. Still am disappointed.”

“I expected a cosmopolitan society. I didn’t know there were homeless here and no place for them or me to stay. I had visited California over the years three times but that’s as a tourist and you don’t really see the reality.”

“The shelter has, very simply, too many rules. And what do I need those rules for? I don’t need rules on what time I can eat or what time to wake up and go to bed and sleep. And also the shelters are sort of dangerous with all of those people in there. Something is always being stolen.”

“There are about five or six of us that, we sort of group together for safety [outside the library]…we do get quite a few guys that think it’s ok to do their drugs there and stuff like that, and various confrontations have arisen, but that’s what it is. The police should allow a place for the people to sleep that don’t have any drugs, but I don’t know what’s going on here in San Francisco.”