“You have mental health issues out here, you have people out here that want to blame everyone for their fall down, you have people that just want to be out here, either alcoholics, people that are addicted to drugs; and it’s called submission. People who submit to falling apart because it’s the easy way out. People that blame everyone else for their downfall.”

“When I first came out here, it was a different crowd ten years ago. You could come out here and talk to people, ‘Hey can I get you to move on’ and people got up. People sat back and had a conversation with you. Now with all these economic breakdowns and facilities that won’t hold people; people don’t sit down and talk to you no more.”

“The problem right now is what people want to see. They only want to see the band-aid…and the band-aids are what everyone sees as the solution. But when we give band-aids we’re not doing nothing. One band-aid for the next band aid. That’s how I see it. And it’s sad because that’s all it is.

 You don’t want a band-aid. You want an actual fix.”