“They cleaned it up nice and it’s a lot more enjoyable to come out here, chill out, and listen to my music. I’m glad they’re gone because now I can come out here and relax. I stay in the shelter myself. I’m homeless myself. People don’t believe me, they’re always like, ‘You’re really homeless?’ and I’m like, ‘Yeah, I don’t have to look it.’”

“I like to people watch and evaluate and think. I always taught my kids evaluation is the key to success. When you evaluate certain things, you learn from your mistakes.”

“I like to sit where there’s nature and meditate to find myself. Out here I don’t try to find myself but I evaluate. I kick back and relax and I think about what I want to do with my day and I find something that’ll help me blossom. Inspiration is good too. You’ll find a lot of inspiration everywhere you go. Art is in everything. Everything. From the walking to the talking to the way people move, to the way the trees move.”

“I think it’s very welcoming [here] to everyone and anyone; I just think what’s not welcome is violence, drugs, alcohol, stupidity, nonsense. Like it is now—this is a place—I like it. Before I hated it because there would be a shitload of drugs. So they got rid of them, I’m happy. I feel safe.”