“I do a lot of things [with the books]. I buy, sell, trade, read, give away. I have friends who are teachers so I give books to them and I have friends who are artists and I buy books from them.”

“I think they should turn it [Civic Center Plaza] into a big smoking area with tables and chairs, kind of like Bryant park. Some beer, some coffee, Just like a hangout spot.”

“They’re getting rid of all the spaces where people are communal. They’re just sanitizing everything, making it less urban. The concise answer is that I would prefer an urban aesthetic as opposed to a suburban aesthetic They’re turning the City into a suburb.”

“An urban space is something where the space evolves organically…An urban space is a population center that grows the same way as a forest.”

“There was a real opportunity in San Francisco to do radical design rather than radical displacement. That’s the opportunity that’s lost.”