“I work for San Francisco Ballet, so my office is in this building across the street, and then we perform in the Opera House here. I’m the special events manager.”

“It’s pretty quiet here. That’s kind of why I like it. Otherwise I like that Octavia green area, sometimes I go over there for lunch, but it’s not quite so peaceful.”

“I think any time of day that Civic Center BART station is kind of sketchy. And so many people hangout in front of the library on Grove there. Probably pretty much anybody that takes public transportation to work in this neighborhood has seen somebody shooting up either to or from work. So yeah, it’s noticeable and people feel unsafe.”

“This is one of the areas that gets more quiet on the weekends. Because it’s so many of the government buildings. There’s not like a coffee shop or anything over here if we wanted to grab something or get my son a treat. There’s nothing.”