In Spring 2018, three framework plans were developed to illustrate the many considerations for Civic Center’s public spaces. The framework plans reflect the thoughts and ideas shared by local residents, workers, and other stakeholders via community meetings, focus groups, surveys, and at public events. Each framework plan considers how Civic Center’s public space design can reflect the city’s identity and values, support both daily use and large civic gatherings, and offer amenities that allow people from all walks of life to come and enjoy these important public spaces on a daily basis. Throughout the spring and summer, the community was invited to provide feedback on the three framework plans via an online survey (Note: Survey closed on 8/12/18). The design team is currently working to consolidate these three frameworks into one preferred plan based on community and stakeholder input.


The Civic Center Public Realm Plan area encompasses more than 30 blocks and several miles of streets. Working with the community and the consultant-led public space design team, an interagency City team has created design options for long-term improvements to key streets in the plan area. Highlights from the team’s street design work can be viewed via the pages below.