The Civic Center Public Realm Plan will create a unified vision for long-term improvements to Civic Center’s plazas, streets, and other public spaces.

The Plan is an interagency effort managed by San Francisco Planning and is part of the City’s ongoing efforts to improve the area as both a neighborhood gathering space and common area for everyone who lives in, works in and visits San Francisco.

Plan Area and Design Focus Areas

Plan Components

The following components will make up the Civic Center Public Realm Plan:

Public Life Study

Public Life Study:

Analyses of how people currently use Civic Center’s public realm throughout the day. Findings will serve as the basis for developing and testing preliminary ideas for improvements through temporary, physical installations.

Streetscape Design Standards

Streetscape Design Standards:

Guidelines for contextually-appropriate locations and design palettes for streetscape amenities such as lighting, trees, and paving.

Transportation Infrastructure Plan

Transportation Infrastructure Plan:

Upgrades to the transportation infrastructure throughout the plan area including parking, streetscape paving, street design, transit improvements, and pedestrian and bicycle facilities.

Focus Area Designs

Focus Area Designs:

Conceptual designs for key public spaces and streets within the area.

Activation Strategy

Activation Strategy:

Methods for activating and stewarding public spaces, focused on long-term changes that will increase public use and enjoyment of Civic Center (e.g. reuse of Brooks Hall).

Implementation Strategy

Implementation Strategy:

Funding and phasing strategy for implementation of proposed improvements.


This project timeline may change. Please check back here for updates.

A. Civic Center Public Life Study March 2017 through Sept. 2017
B. Plan development and community engagement July 2017 through July 2018
C. Environmental analysis March 2018 through March 2020
D. Plan Adoption Hearings March 2020 through April 2020